The shortest most fatal Bati Bleki you ever read!

The Central Bank just released the 2015 year end numbers.


One of my clever friends told me to get a calculator and add Revenue VS Expenditure of the current government, 2009-2015!

So, I added the Government’s Revenue in Billions: Awg 7,763.2 (I omitted 6 zeros)

I added all Deficits, because this is money already spent, in Billions:  Awg 2,060.5 (I omitted 6 zero)

Total government spending in six years, in Billions: Awg 9,823.7 (Again I omitted 6 zeros)

(Debt as % of GDP is 83.3%  — we owe a lot of money — remember the Netherlands stepped in when we reached 80%)

SO….where did the money go??

To Panama? No, I am pretty sure of that.




Linear park?

Maybe 100 million in spending that we can see, including harbor & highway.

That’s 1%.

Where is the rest?

What did we spend it on?

AND 🙁 We didn’t create, not even one, new income generating enterprise.